Clients trust us to be conscientious, so we approach all traffic counts with the mindset of a engineer. We don’t mindlessly set up our equipment and walk away. Instead, we develop an understanding of our clients’ needs on each job and ensure that we’re accomplishing the right goals. We have performed the types of projects (studies, signal designs, roadway designs, etc.) for which our clients are obtaining the traffic counts, so we understand how the data will ultimately be used and can tailor our counts accordingly.

In addition to our technical strengths, we pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients. We maintain an open line of communication before, during, and after each project. Flexible with scheduling, we often perform counts with less than one week’s notice. And there’s no “premium” charged to perform counts on weekends or off times; an 8-hour count in Cleveland is an 8-hour count in Cleveland, regardless of whether it’s performed on a Tuesday or a Saturday night.

Ultimately, we take pride in the quality of our work, not only as professional engineers, but also as business owners. Our name is on our firm; everything we do is a reflection not only on our company, but on us as individuals and professional engineers. We strive to ensure that our name is synonymous with solid work and integrity.


  • Licensed in the State of Ohio
  • Licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Certified Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) in Ohio



Anne M. (Shelly) Loukas is a registered professional engineer in the state of Ohio, with over ten years of experience in roadway engineering and right-of-way plan development, all in the private sector. Shelly has also performed and reviewed several safety studies for communities of various sizes. Having installed Miovision units consistently over the past three years, Shelly is an experienced and seasoned conductor of traffic counts.  Shelly manages each of our traffic counting projects and works closely with our clients to ensure that their data needs are met.

Nicholas J. Loukas is a registered professional engineer in Ohio and Pennsylvania, with over fifteen years of experience in traffic and roadway engineering. This includes five years of work in the private sector, followed by ten years in the public sector. These varied contexts have given Nick a strong foundation in traffic engineering concepts and design, but also an intimate understanding of practical, day-to-day application, operations, and maintenance. In addition, Nick’s experiences have enabled him to form invaluable relationships with engineering professionals throughout the area.

Nick’s traffic engineering expertise is complimented by Shelly’s extensive experience in roadway and right-of-way design. This allows Loukas Engineering to offer a well-rounded and top quality engineering product to our clients. In addition, we have years of experience in both the collection and utilization of traffic data as engineers.


Loukas Engineering was established in 2010 when the husband and wife team of Nick and Shelly Loukas took stock of complementary desires: Shelly wanted to return to the work force after having three children, while Nick was excited to re-enter the consulting world. The firm quickly picked up steam in 2012 as we began offering traffic counting services. Performed manually at first, our counts were greatly enhanced by the purchase of 2 Miovision units. 2013 saw further growth when we formed an exciting partnership with Miovision and purchased 3 additional units. The influx of projects necessitated the purchase of 2 more units in 2014, and we also began to expand our services to include traffic engineering projects. Today, we offer a wide range of services to our clients, both near and far, and are actively engaged in solving traffic challenges throughout Ohio.

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